Master Thief

So I got the whole Crypt level plotted out and ready to get fed into the content devourer known as ThiefEd, and I’m feeling good about it. Obviously, it needs some play testing, but I have the whole thing designed so that it confuses me a little with the way it branches and give the illusion of free will. By the way, from a Design standpoint, I think that the illusion of free will is way better that actual free will. With illusion, I have full control over the experience, so I can give (in)appropriate rewards for things, since I can plan for them. Actual free will is a mess from a design standpoint. “Sand Box” games always leave me feeling just a little gypped, especially in terms of rewards. The endings for GTA4 were all like that. “Yeah, I did it. Now what? Story! Oh no, I was wrong. Now I get to use the internet? WTF?” or “Yeah I showed him, now for some closure…that’s it? Lame.”

-Right, so the real post is this. I’ve decided to add difficulty settings to 3T. They will work like this:

Normal: Will be just like the game is now. With the damage settings just like they are. I’m thinking (long term here) that this setting will unlock some kind of Petty Thief achievement when you win.

Hard: Will have the damages changed. So when you hit an enemy it deals half the damage it does on Normal, and the Thief takes twice the damage when hit. I will use this mode to playtest to make sure the game isn’t too difficult overall. Namely, for enemy pacing. This will maybe unlock the Gentleman Thief achievement.

Perfect: Just like Hard, but with some additions. First, the dolls will net you no extra lives, Second, damage will not regenerate between levels. Third, you only get 1 life and continuing will be disabled. Finally, You cannot save. In other words, getting an S ranking (I think I described that in another post) on Perfect means you are badass, although just finishing this mode will net the Master Thief achievement.

-Totally random, but Master Thief looks like riff on Master Chief. No? I may have to reconsider.

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