PAX and The Summer of Love

I was wandering the wide breadth of internet, waiting for inspiration to hit me about my issue with the Cliffs (see below – although I think I’ve got it) and I wandered into the PAX site. It looks like you can get a booth there, like at Comic-Con, if you have something to show. I think that would rock personally, but that would give us all a collective deadline of 9-4-2009 – the first day. Granted, polishing and what not could still be done before the IGF competition, but I think showing at PAX, especially if we plan to release to Live Arcade would be huge. If we show well at PAX, then finding funding will not be a problem anymore.

Further, we show there, I could sign up to be a Speaker. You know, like Ender. I could actually get to speak at a panel. I sign up, tell them what it is I do around here and why I think I have something useful to say that people may want to hear. Maybe provide a counterpoint to the “Indie Movement” or be a worst case scenario for “So, you want a game job.” I think I’m at a place that lots of people would want to be at in some way, but don’t know how to get there. I know, the panel could be called, “How to get halfway there – Jobs in the game industry.” Either way, that would Rock.

So, I went ahead and contacted my team to see if that deadline is possible. Currently, work has stalled up a bit due to school mostly. But I think that since September is on the tail end of summer, we could get it done in those long days with nothing else to do. I think it’s possible. I think we can do it. I’ll plan out the schedule. I know we can.

– In other crap, I think I’ll download the XNA software this weekend and see how the compressions system works. I’ve heard two competing theories about it. One says that I write in C# code or no soup for me. The other says that I can do what I want as long as the code is Windows compiled. At which point, I do not need to port. Of course, that is best case scenario. I’ll play with it this weekend and see what I can see.

-Speaking of which, on tap after the new enemy AI (which is still locked away inside Lazarus) is gamepad support. I’ll go purchase one and get that rocking. I get the impression that playing with a gamepad is the next great “It” moment. Like when I installed the game for the first time using an installer or saw my game appear on one of my feed sites. One more thing I never though could be possible. Again, it may be stupid to somebody that’s done it before, but to somebody that hasn’t – it’s the reason why.

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