Ready to Launch

Welcome to the new Star Frog Games website. It’s so shiny and so new and I’m so happy with it. Let’s have a look around, shall we? Up on the top header bar, there’s the home icon, and this great bit of imagery and a collection of menus. If you thought that it was impossible to be impressed by menus, well, you are wrong. Them there menus border on being sexy, provided of course that is what you’re into.

In any event, moving on from the sexy menus, below are links to several of the Star Frog Games games that we have developed, or are in development. Below that, well, that’s a mission statement, which gets us to the title of this post, and most importantly, what the future holds for Star Frog Games.

Exciting right? So before we continue along and bound towards the future, let’s take a moment and take a look back. From the beginning Star Frog Games was always an indie studio with a singular focus on making games. So we coded, and we learned design, and we recruited and worked with exceptionally talented people along the way. But what we also did, away from the prying eyes of this development diary and blog, was a whole lot of other things. Things like project management, and web design, and copy writing and being a professional software developer.

Oh, yes. Did you all think that when I was at school all I did was learn English? While once I may have been just your friendly neighborhood indie dev, now I code for a living in a half dozen languages.

Which gets me to the future. You’ll notice that the tagline “The Diary that (almost) Nobody Reads” is gone, replaced instead with “Independent Freelance Game Developer.” That’s what we are now, we’re an independent freelance game studio. We’ll consult on game projects and on all other technical projects. I’m not interested in Star Frog to simply be a means to an end. Now, after years of hindsight I realize what Star Frog Games really is – it’s something special. And, now I want Star Frog to be a means to itself.

It’s been a long time since I’ve written here, too long. My absence has only made me realize that these last few years has been missing something. I’m glad to be back, and now, like the offers on the page to prospective clients says – let’s build something together.

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