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A Studio name is like a name for a Rock Band. It has to be memorable, decent, and a little confusing for other people. Like Bungie, or Vicarious Visions or Spyglass. Other times, it’s just what you make – like Team Ninja or Sonic Team. (Of course, I would pay decent money for something by Sonic Ninja Team).
Then there are the rest, which like Rock Bands, have a wide variety of names and so on. I thought that I had one figured out years ago – “Energy Games.” Then I turned 14 and realized that was pretentious. So I started thinking about others. Icarus Studios was in the lead for a while – then I found that they are an outfit in North Carolina making a MMORPG (pronounced “Ma-MOR-PA-GAH) and are clearly much better funded than myself. Although I do think that my logo for Icarus Studios was way better.
So I came along to trying to think about what I’m trying to do. So I came up with RetroGrade – with the silly Capitalizaion that I like. The thinking went that my games are “Retro” in their mechanics, and the “Grade” bit implied that they were a high quality – like old games are perceived to be. I was really happy since I though it was clever, like the One-Ders. But I couldn’t get over the fact that it sounded so similar. Then I realized that Retro Studios -already existed. This took the wind right out of my sails.
Anyway, the one that I felt was good recently was Clockwork Games. Then I did a Google search (because everything worth knowing can be found in Google) and found that, not only was that name taken by another studio, but they have 4 published titles already. So that kind of sucks.
Now, I’m back to one of the first names, which is so random (like Ninja Bee) as to not be taken by anybody since it makes no sense. The name of the Studio is now Star Frog Studios / Star Frog Games. There I said it, and I published it on 8-20-08 and now I own it.

-Check the first thing. I’m sure that if Team Ninja and Sonic Team had a baby – the game would suck. Like, a lot. I shudder thinking about the furry gibs and the enormous animal breasts – with physics. *shudder*

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