Stop Trying to Hit Me and Hit Me

The collision system is done, again. I think it is anyway. It doesn’t have the new Blue Dodge working yet, but that shouldn’t take long considering. Now The Thief’s blocks are all contained within a unified system. Previously there were 3 different variables that controlled it. Well, actually different variables control all the character’s actions, which is kind of dumb. Doubly so when I see how well the single variable controlled AI works. Anyway, the block is now a single variable with different settings ranging from 0 for not blocking all the way to 3.
This also has a cute way of simplifying the code quite a bit. Now I can see if the current attack doesn’t equal the current block since the numbers match. Nothing really convoluted about it and it works like a charm. Well, it would, if charms worked. Heck, I would love to be the proud owner of a charm that worked half as well as the blocking code does.
Next up for that is the block stun, but I’m coming back to that once the throws are done and the system is unified.
I also got the left facing attacks to work too using the little aljabr codelet from before. I built a new thing, remembered that I had already built something way better and used it. It’s in one of the other posts.

Now the throw controller is dancing and whatnot with inputs, but it doesn’t work. I even went so far as to create a hotkey specifically to cause a throw to happen, and nada. I’m not quite sure why since the system is super simple. Just stop drawing the characters, draw the pictures and animations (or frame counter at this point) and then stop later. The ease that it’s supposed to have coupled with the problems that it does have makes me want to huck a milkshake at it. I won’t since it’s a new laptop, so I’ll have to find something else to toss.
I’m wondering if the issue is my array isn’t being referenced correctly. I’ll break it to fix it later.

– While I was ankle deep in the code I thought briefly about having the system auto-block the high attacks. Then you’d only worry about lows and landing your attacks correctly. Now, as I consider it, I think it may be a good idea for the easy setting. So I’ll skip it for now and get to it when I get to the difficulty settings. Since they’re just damage and continue changes, I can add this later. I think Easy would have you deal double damage, autoblock and take 75% or so of the regular hits.

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