T-Minus 10…

Hmm, I wonder if I can keep up the Race and Time metaphorical titles going for the next 10 days? Had a good meeting yesterday with the Team. They all still think they can get their pieces done on time. The Environmental Artist did have this to say yesterday, “Oh, wait, we have 11 days? Oh, well that’s good. If we only had 10 days left we’d be screwed.”
With the new targets for what we want I think we should be okay. The Animator thinks he can finish the animations for the Thief and 2 kinds of enemies. He plans to use the rig that he’s built for The Thief for the other enemies which should save him a whole lot of time. So, he seems sure that he can do it, so I’m going to believe that.
Now I’m going to go ahead an finish the story scripting as written. That and bug testing should keep me busy until 11-9 at the very least. I want to give myself a bit of leeway for tweaking art assets after I install them. This was always going to be close, but this is getting a little crazy. I wonder if other IGF Student Teams are in the same boat? Or have they been done for months? I hope not. I really hope that they’re in the same position. It’s good for them, it builds character.

-If The Animator is reading this, yes you, you right there, I believe you can do it.

-If the Environmental Artist is reading this, hello, and I think you can too.

-So what happens in 11 days? Afterwards? I have a fear. The fear is that the small team I’ve gathered will disband after basking in the glory of the finished IGF project. I hope that they don’t. I really do want to finish the whole thing. To make the game complete and try to put it out digitally. Maybe on Steam or Greenhouse or through Stardock’s Service (who’s name escapes me at the moment) or gods help me, XBox Live Arcade. I know we can finish the demo for IGF, I hope that we can finish and publish the rest.

– “Schadenfreude” noun German Root. Def : 1) To take please in the misery or misfortune of someone else.
2) To hope that someone else is having your same problems.
3) A word that can only exist in the German language.
See also “Dick, Being a”

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