The Law

No game stuff today (although I did work out from a design standpoint what characters counter and which have throws, what kind and how many). Instead, I offer general advice. Having worked at a few different places and with a few different people I’ve come up with the rules listed below. Sometimes, these rules weren’t given by good example, but by bad.

Being in a position where I lead a team, I sometimes read over these to remind myself to not be a dick. When it comes to finding people to work with, my only suggestion is to find competent people and let them be competent. For everything else, here, in no particular order, is The Law.

Everything cannot be first.

The way to fortune and glory is to create something new. One cannot just repackage and be successful.

Always remember why you did or are doing something.

Don’t be a Defeatist, and don’t try to pass it off as “Realism.”

Plan for things you know to be true, not what you assume will happen…and don’t be a pessimist.

Be flexible, and create flexible systems.

Do not look for problems. It is okay for everything to be okay. Know when to say “Good Enough” and find something else to do with your time.

Nothing is more valuable than imagination and nothing is more costly than a lack of it.

Anything worth having is worth thinking about.

It is silly to believe that anyone can tell you what you do not know or what you have forgotten.

Never be afraid of having exactly what you want. Do not be afraid of what it takes to achieve it.

There is no need to remind somebody of something they are already doing.

Everybody’s time is equally important.

It is vital to know what your employees do, specifically.

Never, Ever belittle or mock the work of your employees. Otherwise they will no longer want to be your employees.

Be honest with your employees since it is not their job to remember your lies.

Nobody ever has to do anything. There are things that should be done though.

Hire people that can tell you “no.” Make sure they can also tell you why not, and offer a solution.

Your assumptions are yours alone. Do not blame anyone else for something you assumed was a certain way.

Don’t be afraid to abandon an idea.

3 minutes of good design, saves 3 hours of labour.

It is okay to admit to being wrong. The next, more important, step is fixing it.

Saying something does not make it true. Repeating it does not make it any more true.

Do not fear change. Instead, embrace it if it is a better way.

Progress for its own sake is worthless. Progress towards a goal is priceless.

One is never an exception to their own rules.

As you can see, some of them are things I may have already ranted about. Others do sound a little like fortune cookies, but are no less useful. Like, “Anything worth having is worth thinking about.” That sounds a little like something Confucian, but in basic terms if you think that you would like something, actually spend the minutes figuring it out. Jumping to conclusions only ever leads to missed opportunities, and in our case here, wasted work.
In any event, disagree if you’d like, but this is how I do things, or at least, try to.

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