The Sound of Silence / The Notebook

Got a new notebook. It has graph paper in it. That’s it, just though it was cool. I’m wondering if anybody else would ever care in a million years what my notes for the project look like. As least enough to include it in the game as some kind of extra (after IGF of course). Or maybe it’s just a super wank thing. Yeah, I think it’s that.

Anyway, back to the point. I broke the sound somehow. Now the music doesn’t work and I can’t put it back. I went ahead and tried to modify the code a little so that different music would play on the different levels, and now no music plays at all. I really hate the sound code that Blitz Basic uses. It’s not broken per se, it’s just totally unlike the rest of the language. It’s like the programmer for the sound code was all by himself in their own little room and never saw, talked to, or pondered the existence of, any of the other programmers. It’s called a meeting people. Schedule one and then little ole Eric doesn’t want to punt a kitten over your silly concepts of sound variables.

-As a side note, CID neither condones nor endorses the punting of kittens.

-All done. Even better now the music plays with different volumes and everything.

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