I got a call back about a job. Not just any random job, but an honest to goodness design job at a local game company. I think this is great, not only do I get to practice some more design skills (in this case, for a card game – which really allows an iterative process to design) but it’s not a lead design position. I know, not a lead, how is that good? Well, I am still learning after all, this diary is testament to that. Working as an assistant (or an Associate in this case) designer will really let me flex my creativity while still being under the guidance of a more experienced designer. Plus, as a Card Game designer, you can really get some ideas going and play tested really quick. Unlike say, this project where an idea may take a few days to implement, let alone test and get to work right. All in all, I am feeling really good about this and really think that this could be the thing that really lets me blossom as a designer.

-Yeah, I used the word “blossom.”

Right, but there is one more thing, maybe the best thing. I once applied for a very similar job about a year ago, and didn’t get it (clearly). The only difference that I have on my resume was this project. In other words, the new design skills and project management that I’ve learned the hard way are something that employers are looking for in some regard. As far as I am concerned, that is the entire point of all of this. To get this skills and the experience to get the job. This reply, however tentative it is, shows me that I am doing the right thing, that all of this is being noticed by someone out there. So I will continue with this, even if I get this job. Now, this has become more. Now I’ve worked so hard on this, and made so much measurable progress that I have to finish. I have to make it work and get it finished for IGF. Because clearly, it is the right thing to do.

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