Virtual Insanity

Got the walking thing all down. Wait, I mean is that I’ve got my enemies walking around their environment in something approaching an intelligent way. I have personally had the walking thing down for a number of years now. So now they know when they’re at a ledge and turn around where appropriate. They stop and glare at you when they get to the ends (animation pending) and will hop down off of low platforms and climb back up. The last bit impresses me the most, because now I can have enemies and The Thief fight on stairs.
They don’t fight anymore, since I finally ripped the regular AI out, but that’s coming up next. They know when they see The Thief, but they just kind of ignore him now. I think that I’ll install an “Action Timer” that will keep track of when the enemies will do something. It’ll set a random number, and then count down from it. When it gets to zer0, a new action will happen, like going all defensive, launching an attack or moving around. I’m thinking that I can make the things it does more context specific, but the Action Timer will work great for the enemy attacks if nothing else. Methinks that’s how the AI in Ninja Gaiden Black is set to attack. I could be wrong though. I’ll get the timer all set up today, and maybe get something to happen.

-Is it just me, or does Action Timer sound like some kind of Pocket Watch Superhero?

-I would so read that comic.

In other news, is now up! Yes, exclamation marks! I hate these things! You’ll notice if you clicked the link in your joy driven haste, that it only sends you back here. I said it was up, I didn’t say that it worked.

I’m finding Fallout 3 to be sweet and I’m finding myself playing it all stupid somehow. Other people own homes, have oodles of loot and followers. I’ve got a Foxhound Sneaking Suit, a bitchin‘ hat and only what I can carry on my person. I occasionally wander into town to trade my often ill gotten and usually gore covered goods. It’s awesome. I’m playing Sanjuro. You people can keep your houses, I own the desert.

I am considering a Cafe Press store. Since almost nobody reads this, I fully expect nobody would purchase anything. Well, except me. I would totally own a black shirt that says “Sneaking Suit” or featuring a picture of Action Timer doing action things. Then again, that is time I could and probably should be working.

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