Don’t worry about yesterday’s update. I barely had time to hit the save button before the whole system ran out of batteries. Turns out, my laptop has a battery that doesn’t work no more. So, hooray for that. Anyway, like I was saying yesterday, I think if I had a variable that controls the distance from the enemy, then the attack/action key could be sensitive to the distance. So use a 1 for close and 2 for medium and 3 for long, or something like that. I’ll give that a try and install the lunge graphics. After I have it worked out, I’ll work out a system so that the lunge stops where it is supposed to.

– Just tweaked the combat control system. For some reason, whenever Akuma hit Zero, he would move a little forward and that made it harder to see what was going on. Turns out, when Akuma kicked Zero, it knocked Zero up just a little, and out of Akuma’s Sight Line. Since Akuma didn’t “see” Zero, he continued his patrol route, which meant he would walk forward (or sometimes backwards) and continue to beat poor Zero to death. Even worse, when he actually overlapped Zero, the throw command didn’t work and a weird bug occurred where Zero got hit continually and died. So that’s all better now. Also, now when the enemy does hit you, it resets the attack mode so he stops hitting you. Makes it a little more fair and a lot less frustrating.

– Odd, now I can immediately hit Akuma after he hits me. This isn’t good since I have more HP than he does so we can trade blows until I win. Hmm.

-Still no fix on the above bug, now I’m onto other stuff. The lunge code is installed, but buggy. The rub of it is this – at long range Zero moves forward – eventually he’ll have animation, but he moonwalks for now. At medium range he dashes forwards and is supposed to do the new lunge animation. I know the lunge isn’t showing correctly since it is green (not red like the lunge is supposed to be – see 10-11). Then the close range is the regular attack. The issue is this. When the lunge moves close, then the character is close range – and does the regular attack instead. Grr…

-More news, New Damage Frame! Woohoo!

-…well I thought it was nice. =P

-The attack animation is really fast. It took 4 frames to do, running at 30 frames per second, so it was faster than Cassius Clay hopped up on Meth. (nobody got that reference.) So, I went ahead and changed it, so the animation runs on 2’s (changed every other frame) and looks better now.

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