Almost a month, worth of finals and projects for school. Consequently I’ve had less time for programming. In the meantime, I’ve reconsidered the backwards move. It should work, but should move at the end instead of the beginning. In other words, when you press the button, the PC should begin the back step animation, but not actually move until the end of it. That way it won’t break the enemy attack string. Also, disconnect it from the Dash Bar. Somehow, in my mind, being able to dash across a chasm and defy the laws of physics is more impressive and better use of the bar than a step back. So, I’ll tweak that today and try to install the animation to make Akuma face left. Finally.

-Cool, that works better now. Also, since it uses a basic equation to put the animation in the right place, it’s very smooth. It also seems to work well in the context of the combat and you can be kicked out of it. So, yeah. Cool.

-Akuma turns around now. Oddly, I had set all of the animations to draw at a specific place, so when you turns around he didn’t attack in the right place, say the attack was to the left, Akuma would kick and his foot would stay in one place and his body would jut forward. In other words, it was stupid. So I corrected that using a new variable. Now, depending on the direction Akuma faces, there is a variable that keeps track of his drawing modifier. Smiles all around on that.

– Now Akuma only sees you when he is facing in your direction. It’s not the hottest thing in the world but he sees you and chases you. He also doesn’t lose track of you when you roll behind him.

-New Dash. Now when you dash in close during combat you actually come out right behind him, but still in range. No more overshooting where you can get pummeled. It also keeps you close enough to not get the facing directions confused or knock Akuma out of his attack string. Now if you hop behind, he turns around and continues to beat you down.

-New attack bit. Since Akuma faces a direction, he will now turn to face you after you hit him. Also, extra damage for a sneak attack.

– Not all good news. I overwrote the last save, mostly since I am dumb.

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