8-21-07 – 3176 Rows

No actual coding recently but there was thinking about things. I believe that the issue is caused by the Images/Rect Collide function seeing the Mask color as part of the image – which makes it collide. So, the solution is to make the ducking animations be a different size and draw them in a slightly different place. Bingo bango, it should work. Stay tuned.

-Boom, easiest, debug, ever.

-Finally made the go ded thing work. Otherwise it ran the Dead thing everytime the loop ran, which killed you 4 times when you hit the Doom loop. Talk about getting killed so bad it kills your grandkids. Anyway.

-It’s called Regression Testing, and I’ve decided that I hate it. Somehow, after starting to tweak the movement for single screen, now Akuma crashes the program when he kicks. I don’t have the words for how that makes me feel. So I will express my emotions in interpretive dance. Since you can’t see that, an emoticon will suffice.

>;( )

-To illustrate, Regression Testing is going back to recheck stuff that worked before when you add new things. It’s like making sure the fuel injector still works after you install the turbo. It’s a weird thing, as a ton of weird crap can happen between when you install a piece of code and when you finish. In the meantime a bunch of stuff may have changed. It’s this reason why most bugs that happen in published games, since features were added right up until it goes gold…and nobody Regression Tests them. Now you see why I hate it.

-In other news, I squished the bug and Akuma works again. By works I mean fight until I kill him so hard it hurts me to do it.

-I so lie.

-Today, since I had a minute I adjusted the movement and jumping for a little better measurements for a single screen. I also installed a system that hurts you when you fall down and kills you outright if you fall too far. I plan to use this to install a new state –“Boned” like when you fall off a 10 story building. You’re not jumping, you’re not falling, you’re boned. Also installed the basis of what will be a cute death animation which makes the screen go all black when you die. Good day overall.

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