CheckPoint and the Corpse

I would like to point out that the title sounds like a bad 70’s cartoon, but I won’t. Today, I’ve been able to correct more of the nonsense that happened when I converted the Engine to recognize the stuff from the editor. So now the CheckPoint works. It seemed to be confused by the way I worded it, so I changed it and now it works. I noticed that CheckPoint thing only happens once on a page. Not once every frame, but only once total. So I changed the settings a little.
Also, funny thing. TheifEd seems to hate negative numbers. So, when I would set up the Enemies to have a -1 as their “Alive” state (1 is alive, 0 is dead and -1 is not even around to leave a corpse) the system would somehow convert my -1’s to 0’s. So now, if it loads a 0 it converts it automatically in this case.
This week I figured out a cute idea for the foregrounds, and have included images. Of course, these are crappy Programmer art (no offense to most programmers) and the background will be really nice in the near future. These are proof of concept.

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