Entry Number 1

Hello Echo.

Yes, good old echo. The sound of myself as I speak noncommittally into the void of the internet. This is the first entry on Blogger, the new host of the Diary That Nobody Reads. For those of you that have never read this before, my name is Eric. I am a college student in Sunny (with Capitalization) San Diego studying English and working by day, and at night, I work feverishly on my Game Project.
This Diary so far is me keeping a running tally of what I am doing exactly in said game, along with the trials and tribulations of trying to get a bloody job. So, feel free to post a message (if you can post messages…can you post messages?) and I’ll usually be able to send a copy of the .exe file so you can see what it is that I’m going on about. Along the way I tend to have random thoughts about game development and the process of creating a game, especially an indie with no budget, the thoughts I have and general game related stuff. I will tend not to go on about other, more random crap but I promise nothing, since this is the Diary That Nobody Reads.
Later, when I have time, I’ll upload the previous posts that I really started doing 6 months into the project.

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