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Okay, so I said I was going to post the old stuff, so I am. What I’ve decided to do is post them and have the title be the date, starting with the earliest. So yeah.
-Random note. E3 is going on right now. It sucks, completely. Once upon a time it was a massive geekfest of games, developers and booth babes that were paid to talk to you. Now it’s a trade show. What’s up with that? There already is a trade show, it’s called the GDC. E3 is supposed to me an orgy of chaos and XBOX games, where the pel-mel of the thing makes all the news trickle out like an old guy taking a whiz. You know, slowly and painfully, until he can’t stands it no more. Where every little bit is a treasure. Now, what? I get to read about Meetings? Oh yeah, the Microsoft press conference was super-d-duper and Nintendo, don’t get me started on the Nintendo conference, I get wet thinking about it. That’s so stupid.
Now I know, it’s cheaper now and the studios don’t have to produce a demo and stop regular production for a month of crunch time, every year, but what happened to the show? The additional nonsense? The, magic? Now, even if I do get to go, I don’t. I will never get to participate in The Show, and the older developers will say things like, “Remember E3 ’06? Man, that was Epic,” and I’ll have no idea what they are talking about. What do I say to that? “Yeah, it was awesome. Watched it on G4 in my undies eating a big-assed bowl of frosted flakes. Yep – totally fucking Epic.”

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