Yesterday I got the beginning of the En Guarde behaviour in for enemies. It’s not quite done yet and now enemies flicker when they’re trying to block since every frame they snap back and forth between having their little shield bubble up and just standing there. I should be able to get that all done today. Other than ironing out little bugs I find myself working more and more with statements that look like this:

If LastMove = X or LastMove = Y
AIAction = Rand(7,9)

So now it seems I’m in the midden heap of statistics and frankly, I don’t much care for the smell. At least some of the basic stuff works.
I’m going to unleash the Programmer on some stuff, now that he’s finished the wrapper program. Things like combat collisions and stuff like that. Easy things that don’t take too much time, just more than I have. Once I get the AI code into a workable state I’m going to go ahead and get going on making the wrapper function on XNA, and Xbox. That’s gonna be good. Well, except for converting all the controls, which will be bad.

– I’ve never understood the term, “Light a Fire under his/her ass,” until now. I didn’t do much programming since my hours were consumed with celebrations and an overwhelming need to change my station. My state sticking to me like a damp sweater, leaving me looking for a way to take it off and quickly to boot. Resumes flew out like the baby spiders at the end of Charlotte’s Web leaving me hoping that they take root. Today, I’ll do it again and tomorrow, the same until I get it right. Today, isn’t supposed to be yesterday but it is. The only thing different is me. Now I find my life chafing.

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