Okay, it looks like I can insert a picture. So, there—–>
It’s a picture right? ‘Sides my pet name is Sugar Bear, I know, adorable. Plus I own a green sweater just like it.
Otherwise, I see no reason to have my pictures in the diary. Maybe images of the project, but not of me. That would be, douchy. Instead, I’ll update the image when I feel like it.
-In actual game related nonsense, the plan for tomorrow (after sweet, glorious sleep) is to go ahead and install the rectangles for the Portal Rectangles in the ThiefEd Level Editor. The idea is to have the program set the rectangle dimensions like it usually does, then keep track of the current level (lets say 1) and save it. Then it will load the Map and let you select the screen the Portal Rectangle goes to, it will then Load that screen – but lock the controls out (so you don’t screw up the level). The only control that will work is to place the character. Then afterwards, it will load the previous level and save the destination Level and Coord. See, easy as pie.

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