Over the weekend I had but a single goal – to get the Wall level mapped out. So I had a sit down equipped with my trusty pencil and graph paper and began to sketch. After a few minutes, I decided that I hated what I had created (rhyme!) flipped a page and tried again. A few more minutes passed and I loathed the new design even more than the last. The puzzles just seemed too…pedestrian. There was no spark to them, and if they don’t excite me to work on, then they’re certainly not going to excite anybody playing them. So out it went. Then again, and again and again. There was nothing I could do about it, even the core conceit I had built up didn’t help. All I could think of were things that I had already done in the other levels in the game.
Which isn’t to say that I’m all out of ideas for levels, that’s far from true, I just have exactly zero ideas for what to do with the Wall level.
So now I find that I’m fighting the urge to simply not build one and pass the story forward using some other means. The urge to move on and mark the level construction at an end is very strong indeed. Unless I can think of something that would make the level anything more than pure filler, then I’m leaning towards indulging it.

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