Storming the Castle

I’ve decided that I need to get going on The Castle, and the Walls can wait because the Walls can be cut. The Castle cannot be. So I’ll start putting together the layouts and get that going. I’ve already planned out how the traps are gong to work from a coding standpoint, so that’s nice. I may even be able to get away with a limited number of variables, which the Coder in me is very happy with.

-In other news, I’m surprised by the sheer number of very talented people that’ve sent me stuff and want to do the music for Thief. Like, quite a bit. I had thought I’d get 1 or 2 maybe and have to make due with whatever I got, but a score? Any of which could probably do awesome work? I was up late into the night listening to musics and that was work somehow. I’ll probably make a decision soonish and get that going.
Oh, and I think I found a dedicated FX guy. That’s sweet.

-Talking with The ADA, and we’ve decided that we’re going with static drawn images and words for the scenes. Nice pretty pictures offer some bonuses. First of all, they’re fast. Second, they’ll go in easy. I can have the game draw pictures for days. Finally, I can do things with the story that wouldn’t have worked otherwise, like give The Thief damage and cuts that are small enough to only appear in the pictures.

-Generally speaking I’d type out another 1000 words or so and rant about one thing or the other that gives me the Rage, but I’ve only 9 fingers working at their maximum word creating capacity. My rotten rabbit thought my finger looked like a carrot or some such crap and proceeded to bite the hell out of it. So, yeah, ouch.
I do have to be thankful for 2 things though. First, it’s on my left hand, so I can still do anything that doesn’t require a dominant hand. Second, ThiefEd was designed to use the mouse all by itself if needed. A mouse I can, and will, use with my fully functional right paw.

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