Technical Difficulties

Funny story.

My laptop was bought for a dollar. A single, George Washington embellished American dollar. It came from a business that was going down like a plane with one wing, and the boss was liquidating the inventory, something about taxes. Either way, the wife had the option to purchase it for the rock bottom price of a single dollar. This is how I came to own my computer. Best dollar ever.

Different story.

So I was in the process of using this computer last week and browsing the majesty of internet, when I noticed the distinct smell of ozone and burned plastic. To my surprise I looked down to see that my cord was arching electricity and smoking like a coal plant. Needless to say, I felt that the time had arrived to maybe retire my laptop and consider my dollar investment paid and used in full. So I went and purchased a brand new laptop.

So all’s well…but not. You see, all of my programs that I use for development, like Paint Shop, my IDE and ThiefEd and the ThiefEd assets are all hidden within the recesses of my dollar laptop. These are programs I may or may not have the discs for. This is stupid. I have artists waiting for stuff that I can only get out of that laptop, the laptop that I can only run for a minute before A) The battery dies or B) the cord heats up, arcs electric death and starts a fire.

So yeah, we are experiencing technical difficulties here at Star Frog Central and CID.

Oh right, so I went and bought a new cord yesterday, thinking it would be all nice now. Wrong, giant big stack of utter wrong. Utter $70 worth of wrong. The cord is incorrect and I’m still without access to my damn files. I have found a cord on the endless magic of internet, but that’s an entire week before I can get back to work. It’s like 360 dev kits all catching a red ring. Development stalls. I mean, stalls like a Pinto running on coal and Orange Julius. So I should be back on track in the next week or so.

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