Next Time, Maybe Next Time

Independent Games Festival announced the Student Finalists. The Thief’s Tale in not among them.

After the initial crush of disappointment I found that I am okay with that. If I placed, if I won, what then? What new thing do I have to strive for? I don’t know, maybe I’m still in shock, the hope that has carried me washed out with the tide. Or maybe, just maybe I’ve done what I set out to do. I made a game.

I made new friends along the way too.

But thinking, I read the list of people that judged the IGF. That list of people that do this for a living and are in a place to judge. They played my game. Designers, business people, bloggers, magazine writers. People who write stuff that I read and people that make stuff that I play – they loaded and played Thief. They saw our logo, they know our names. Even more will after they read the Post-Mortem.

Looking back, that’s the whole point now isn’t it? The Thief’s Tale wasn’t built for fortune and glory, it was built to show people that we could. So we can do this kind of thing for a living. So I think that’s why I’m feeling a strange kind of serenity right now. We didn’t get to go to the show, and yet, we accomplished our goal.

So, moving on, next November we can try again, with more game and more art in it. As always, XNA Community Games awaits.

– Right, so I have some results from the Science. Designers need a degree, and it does not matter what that degree is really. I got a reply back from Sloper that went thus:

“… right now I have an Associates Degree and a Certificate for Game Art and Design from the Palomar College Game Program. Moving forward, would this be a liability?” Yes.

“Or would a bachelor’s degree in English be that much of as asset? ” A BA in English would be good.

So I guess I’m going back to school.

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