Unsteady Ground

So I got to talking with the new Level Designer about The Cliffs. So far the best idea to come floating from the collaboration is the idea that the cliffs are unstable. Still don’t have a solution to the level though, but this would enhance it a little I think. Basically, I can add scripted events that change the layout of individual screens, usually to the detriment/ challenge of the player. I’m also thinking of adding breakable floors and scripted handholds and walls that can break (but not to make the level unpassable – that would be bad). In effect, add more to the concept that the level is trying to kill you.

– Speaking on nepotism, I worry that the rest of the team may get a little, um, peeved that I’ve brought another “designer” type member onto the team, considering the way I defended my positions during the previous coup. A feeling of having ones opinion not heard may come across. This of course, isn’t the point. The point of the project is to do what you want to do for a living, be it art, programming or design. So, adding somebody that would like to build levels on route to design (a job that I find myself with less time to do that it really needs) is an asset. In the end though, it is important for everybody on the team to communicate ideas, whether they are used or not. Sometimes unused ideas bloom into fantastic ones.

– Finally for today, CID now comes up first in the world of Google for “Indie Confessions.” Clearly my confessions and/or indie-ness are more confessional and/or indie than everybody else’s “Indie Confessions.” So, to wit, that’s two things I own in Google Land – “Star Frog” and “Indie Confessions.” The next target for acquisition: “CID.” Of course, nobody cares but me.

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