Hmm, corruption is everywhere. It’s like I let loose Ahriman into my lands. The code has sections missing, other parts filled with random junk, very little of it compiles. I’ve finally gotten my engine to load again, but I don’t know if the Object Code is still functioning, since it isn’t working in ThiefEd.
Evoking the Dark Arts seems to have given me what I wanted, but at a price. At least my Engine is working, but now I have to get the rest to jive, and maybe, dance again.

-Got it. It was crashing because I am stupid. Yes, the code is as it was (more or less) but the assets aren’t where they are supposed to be. So yeah, duh. Thankfully I managed to rescue the assets from the Lazarus Drive, so they are in place and now they work again. Sort of. Now when I place an object, Zombie Engine gets a little confused and thinks I just put down a portal rectangle. That of course, is wrong.

-Odd, it works now.

Hmm, enemies are gone. Their little boxes appear for the AI system and then, nothing. The problem seems to be that it thinks my variables EnemyFace – which controls which way an enemy is looking and eState – the one that controls what they are doing, are duplicates. This, of course, is bullshit. When I remove them it enemies don’t work and when I leave them in, no compiling cookie for me. I’ll look anyway.

-Dammit, more Zombie meat. There was some random crap that just happened to say “EnemyFace = eState, but without any kind of modifier or anything like that, it was just there, which meant the system thought it was a declaration of a variable. It’s fixed now, which means the engine is finally back to being in its unfinished state. So, yeah, that’s good news I guess. Now time for the cleanup.

-The new way to select the level is all done. It’s ugly, but it’ll make it possible to build levels without getting elbow deep into the Source, so I’m happy with that. I even added a function to it so you can place the Thief Character anywhere you would like the level. It did seem to have a bug since it never had a CheckPoint Set. So if you died, it would crash, but that seems to be better now.

– Wee, ThiefEd has the correct icons now for enemy placement. So Zero and Akuma are gone and now The Thief and a Knight are there instead. Odd to see them go. I’d gotten so used to them over time. Ah, at least Zero lives on in the code, in a function called “DrawZero.”

Hmm, I haven’t had a post like this is a while. A literal minute to minute update of my coding progress. I shall endeavour to do more of this.

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