Die Akuma, Die! Now when lethal damage is done to an Enemy it makes them fall down all dead and lay there. Eventually there will be a cute animation instead of a “Blarg I am Ded” lie there body. I also set up a way to make a dead body not just lay around when there is not supposed to be an enemy. The way involves there being 3 alive states. 1 is alive and trying to kill you with the AI. 0 is dead and in a heap. -1 is beyond dead and is for screens without enemies. Woo Hoo.

I also squashed a bug. For some reason the program would stop when you attacked Akuma, from the right side, first. So that made me what to smack the laptop around but I managed to fix it. That’s why there’s no update for yesterday (and the fact that I actually started writing the diary on 8-8-07).

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